giovedì 27 luglio 2017

domenica 18 giugno 2017

Virtual mobile phone numbers able to receive SMS offers virtual mobile numbers that are able to receive SMS.
It's a useful service to protect your privacy and to activate services that requires to receive an activation code via SMS, such as Whatsapp.

- Free and unlimited number of received SMS.
- Free activation

Currently supported countries are Australia, Canada, Chile, Israel, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine. The monthly fees are available here:

Virtual mobile phone numbers in Australia
Virtual mobile phone numbers in Chile
Virtual mobile phone numbers in Israel
Virtual mobile phone numbers in Poland (1)
Virtual mobile phone numbers in Poland (2)
Virtual mobile phone numbers in Sweden
Virtual mobile phone numbers in Ukraine

As far as Canada is concerned, all the DID numbers of this country support the reception of SMS.
Here is the complete list:

Virtual mobile phone numbers in Canada

martedì 6 giugno 2017

The activation of DID numbers is free at

We're proud to announce that from 31 May 2017 the activation of DID numbers is free at (*)

The price list of our company is one of the cheapest in the market now.
  • USA DID numbers at 2.20 USD/month 
  • Canada DID numbers at 2.43 USD/month 
  • Italy 2.70 USD/month 
  • Spain 3.24-4.5 USD/month

(*) Only exceptions: 
  • Some toll-free numbers 
  • Moscow and St Petersburg (Russian Federation) 
  • London (UK) 
  • Toronto (Canada) 
  • New York (USA) 

giovedì 11 maggio 2017

Detailed instructions to port your number to

Herewith follow the detailed instructions to port your landline number to us.

  1. Download the letter of authorization to allow DIDWW Ireland Limited to do the porting of the number from your current phone provider to us. Please fill the fields editing the PDF, then print and sign it.
  2. Check here to know which documents are required, according to the legislation of your country (identity document, proof of number ownership etc.)
  3. Scan the signed letter of authorization and upload it, along with the required documents, using the upload button you can find in this page (you will be required to register and login to access this page). You can upload each document separately, or you can zip and upload them as a single compressed archive. We'll contact you in a few days to tell you if everything is proceeding fine, or we need further information from you.
  4. If your request will be accepted we will ask you to buy a temporary DID number of the same country of the number you want to transfer, using the order form of our website. This temporary number will be replaced by your landline number when the porting process is completed
  5. If the porting to your country requires a porting fee, we'll ask you to pay it with the button "add payment" in the "my payments" section in your private area.

That's all! Then you can benefit from our cheap monthly fee and calling rates, and you can carry your number with you, in every country of the world.

SMS-capable virtual numbers are now available in Chile

The DID numbers able to receive SMS are now available for Chile in

See DID numbers In Chile,Santiago-SMS(56-2) for details.

Now the complete list of countries for which we provide SMS-capable virtual numbers is the following: Chile, Finland, Israel, Poland, Sweden.

These numbers can be used to for creating whatsapp accounts or any other user account in these countries, which requires to receive a registration code via SMS.